Airblade™ hand drying technology

Now available to rent

You can now lease a Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer for less than the monthly cost of paper towels.


Paper towel dispenser and bin

The cost of paper towels.

On average, a single paper towel dispenser costs £122 each month.5

Paper towels need constant restocking and disposal. So the costs add up.


Per month

But that's not the only problem:
There are many disadvantages to using paper towel dispensers.

  • Empty dispensers

    1 in 5 washrooms are found with no paper available, leaving no way to dry hands. That's unhygienic.

  • Mess

    Paper towels are often discarded carelessly. This can give a bad impression about the
    cleaniness of the toilets.

  • Carbon footprint

    The constant replenishment of paper towels is a high
    carbon footprint process.

  • Blockages

    Paper towels can clog
    waste water systems.

The benefits of renting Airblade™ technology

  • No upfront cost

    There are no upfront costs allowing you to spread the costs over
    a period of time.

  • Less administration

    There's no need to re-order paper towels each month, no refills to schedule and no storage to organise.

  • Maximise your savings

    Replace all of your paper dispensers and get an immediate reduction in your costs and carbon footprint.

  • 5 year guarantee

    All machines are supplied with the Dyson guarantee for the duration of the rental contact.